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Definition of strengthen:

  1. To add strength to; to grow stronger; to fix in resolution; to invigorate; to confirm.


sustain, fort, channel, accentuate, chant, redouble, agree with, decimalize, bureau de change, crystallize, codify, criminalize, inure, decimalise, season, establish, crystalize, boost, intone, indurate, spike, break, nurse, abrogate, currency, step up, decriminalize, dash, inflect, broking, prove, consolidate, substantiate, underline, forearm, make certain, modulate, base currency, fix, poise, psych, convertible, cannibalize, ally, crest, gel, amp, lace, speak up for, prepared, bolster, cast up, fight off, magnify, fortify, account, beef, asset, settle, heighten, confirm, shake, denominate, solidify, catch, arm, capacity, sanction, business plan, align, strong, sympathize, enhance, burst, corroborate, amend, brokerage, beef up, business, come in, survive, amendment, common currency, basket, bring in, steel, ready, build up, tone up, endorse, gird, uphold, amplify, tighten, course, book, ratify, heal, deepen, promote, tone, change, intensify, backdate, pull through, respond, assure, beauty parade, get behind, abolish.

Usage examples: