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Definition of stress:

  1. To place emphasis on; to make emphatic; emphasize.
  2. To subject to phonetic stress; to accent.


reach, tensity, apprehension, breed, passion, idiom, judge, line, melodic phrase, examine, adjudicate, focal point, ferment, prove, sift, tense, air, disquiet, burden, point up, dialect, melody, sieve, attempt, deform, quiet, stock, stretch, important, try, focussing, song, expectancy, force, vehemence, var., tension, agony, straining, striving, assay, jitters, seek, form, fearfulness, mistrust, emphasize, impatience, centering, alarm, affliction, extend, anxiety, accentuate, melodic line, essay, accent, filter, fear, nisus, focusing, sample, intensity, latent hostility, tune, highlight, traction, fluster, speech pattern, nervous strain, render, play up, extension, strain, underscore, emphasise, try out, punctuate, mental strain, italicize, nervousness, tenseness, urgency, distention, try on, tautness, hear, variant, calm, puree, strive, draw, restlessness, dread, emphasis, accent mark, disquietude, distort, mark, trepidation, peace, spring, intensity, separate out, pinch, taste, misgiving, hardship, filter out, nidus, protraction, tenor, flutter, test, pull, trial, feature, direction, pains, filtrate, focus, tense up, accentuation.

Usage examples: