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Definition of strife:

  1. Contention for superiority; discord; contention in anger or enmity; conflict; quarrel; war.


rivalry, schism, sweepstakes, rivalry, outbreak, scuffle, contention, disunion, schism, disunity, feud, disagreement, wrangling, fight, competition, odds, inharmony, high words, grapple, controversy, discard, passage of arms, dogfight, affair, Jar, face-off, belligerency, polemics, division, controversy, fight, misunderstanding, battle, argument, affray, rupture, faction, warfare, ball game, disaccord, quarrel, action, war, dissentience, dispute, broil, fray, race, fighting, conflict, tug of war, striving, discord, litigation, dispute, clash, infighting, faction, disturbance, duel, dissent, tussle, encounter, competition, breach, struggle, corrivalry, match, division, collision, combat, wrestle, riot, brawl, skirmish, quarrel, contest, confrontation, disunion, variance, struggle, dissension, difficulty, discordance, a war of words, difference, split, bout, engagement, variance, commotion, contest.

Usage examples: