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Definition of strike:

  1. A sudden finding of rich ore in mining; hence, any sudden success or good fortune, esp. financial.
  2. Act of leveling all the pins with the first bowl; also, the score thus made. Sometimes called double spare.
  3. Any actual or constructive striking at the pitched ball, three of which, if the ball is not hit fairly, cause the batter to be put out; hence, any of various acts or events which are ruled as equivalent to such a striking, as failing to strike at a ball so pitched that the batter should have struck at it.
  4. Same as Ten- strike.


ingrain, arrive at, striking, draw, smoothen, peal, conduct, wallop, go, come upon, have-to doe with, descend, kick, submit, get hold of, walkout, sit-in, afflict, anguish, blame, guide, scratch up, come, scourge, call for, thrash, glow, sham, rent, happen, come up, pommel, work stoppage, help, latch on, soak up, give away, contract, be handicapped, thrill, blow, see, bump into, coin, distinguish, hitting, mantrap, flush, defeat, direct, come over, whack, consume, concern, pretend, be active, find, have at, score, bear, admit, hydrant, dab, fasten on, blot, name, retort, necessitate, pick up, fall upon, don, involve, need, locomote, eruption, absorb, light, relate, overhead, get a line, tie-up, unfolding, chance on, achieve, looker, come across, act, rack up, travel, accrue, hit back, confrontation, radiate, usurp, be in trouble, bear on, fall, glitter, go down, ingest, paste, bear upon, settle, identify, blast, boot, light into, yarn-dye, crash, let on, gleam, revive, diminish, ten-strike, occupy, smooth, bastinado, read, break, take for granted, dissemble, lulu, refer, counter, put on, whang, touch, key out, water faucet, bring, resonate, study, observe, hire, fall on, beam, scoop out, bam, butt against, beset, discovery, seize on, chafe, suck, conk, choose, wham, fray, require, engrave, remove, decrease, pass, revolution, pip, disclose, cross, come down, get, postulate, snatch, wiretap, describe, come to, scrape, film, get wind, get into, ring, convey, clout, shine, engage, smash-up, bruise, wear, take in, simulate, withdraw, clip, polish off, divulge, subscribe, flog, train, accept, lead, vanquish, fall down, slug, luck into, select, continue, adopt, undo, collide with, scrape up, presume, stroke, agonize, reach, grave, beauty, ask, walk out, hit, torture, deal, encounter, contain, consider, belt, beat, glisten, light upon, tally, efface, print, bash, seize, cudgel, hang, deadlock, arrogate, off, belabor, subscribe to, slam, collision, scoop up, happen upon, knockout, chime, rap, take up, dispatch, claim, murder, sop up, regard, hold, sweetheart, vacate, smite, reveal, sail into, whop, actuate, demand, go at, be troubled, chance upon, snap, fret, mint, pat, affect, scratch, inscribe, slog, impact, tap, swat, biff, get word, run, run into, scoop, nip, borrow, instill, smash, call off, make, aim, attain, excruciate, incite, bang, toll, exposure, pick out, peach, suck in, castigate, gain, excise, bong, lessen, stunner, key, flow, expose, devolve, charter, be uncertain, make a motion, assume, carry, hook on, suck up, clap, bop, disclosure, pitch into, displace, aggress, spigot, sock, sorb, look at, return, overcome, spank, slowdown, over, rap music, curse, success, move, rack, polish, accomplish, lease, hear, proceed, lift out, feign, impinge on, ravisher, learn, bring out, notice, knock against, hip-hop, enter upon, start, occur, have, rush, run across, detect, rub, dish, forgiveness, exact, reflect, retaliate, resume, take away, imprint, let out, plague, stumble, precipitate, fill, imbibe, unwrap, use up, glint, touch on, take over, itch, fringe, jar against, strickle, take aim, whip, pertain, scrub, catch, bump off, take on, fear, acquire, surpass, take, thwack, slay, water tap, shanghai, chastise, torment, worst, conquer, switch, resuscitate, smasher, find out, discover, reciprocate, doubt, pop, pack, wipe, knell, expunge, impress, meet.

Usage examples: