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Definition of strip:

  1. To undress.


disassemble, air, spring, pillow slip, clean out, advice column, houseclean, get out of, weed out, surface, slick, throw back, elusion, reveal, cabaret, split, peel off, screen off, carve up, classified ad, take, peeler, ransack, impoverish, repossess, uncover, tear down, striptease artist, kick off, faux pas, kit, disinvest, straighten up, slip, percolate, undress, pull off, case, comedy, line, jock, brush, deprive, announcement, shin guard, raze, cartoon strip, solecism, string, eluding, corporate hospitality, go, dismantle, chemise, remove, show, peel, take down, divest, strip away, spoil, gaucherie, break down, sack, piece, pole, skid, funnies, corridor, scale, despoil, cartoon, fling off, funny, rape, bank, flake off, moorage, pick up after, pull down, strap, dispossess, landing strip, pick, discase, reave, comb, unwrap, shift, clear, bridge, unclothe, doff, uncase, give, cup, bare, leach, light show, change, teddy, tidy, flight strip, rase, strip down, length, slip of paper, light entertainment, disrobe, pick up, snatch, get, pare, comic strip, clean, sweep away, burlesque, berth, depredate, cleanse, slickness, publicize, stripteaser, slip-up, exotic dancer, hospitality, bullfight, plunder, skin, banner headline, disclose, byline, opencast, article, band, leotard, divide, take apart, put on, off, list, jersey, cutting, parapraxis, sideslip, filament, artwork, break up, dislodge, pillowcase, branch, athletic supporter, ribbon, karaoke, ecdysiast, clean up, mooring, scavenge, sort out, impound, slipperiness, cheesecake, havoc, jockstrap, box, gaffe, go off with, publicise, seize, stripper, violate, trip, confiscate, shin pad, level, belt, foray, break apart, pillage, strip show, thread, loot, make clean, denudate, take off, extract, rob, ravage, get out, miscue, spoliate, denude, centerfold, flake, flush out, harrow, airstrip, clean house, stick, decorticate, requisition, comic, air show, shimmy, striptease, spur, opencut, clear out, encroach, rifle, layer, shred.

Usage examples: