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Definition of struggle:

  1. To use violent efforts with twistings of the body; to use great efforts or exertions; to strive; to contend; to labour hard.
  2. Violent efforts, with twistings of the body; great efforts to attain an object or to avoid an evil; contest; contortions of extreme distress.


scrabble, belligerency, hold on, fray, forge ahead, corrivalry, sputter, competition, deal, fracas, ball game, fence, clamber, a tall order, running battle, compete, while, pare, go, get by, throw together, manage, bark, necessity, splutter, chase, progress, trial run, scrimmage, move, fighting, striving, fight, burden, throes, trouble, skin, walk on, beat, go after, task, skirmish, make out, sweepstakes, travail, effort, challenge, shinny, scrum, work, strife, pain, battle, fight down, match, grapple, shin, strain, scrape, face-off, trial, endeavor, make do, exertion, repugn, duel, elbow grease, push for, fight back, pass, strive, postulate, spit out, scrap, the impossible, try for, difference, scramble, carry on, fist fight, dustup, cope, the elephant in the room, flow, debate, tug of war, chore, head, race, jumble, attempt, headache, peel, essay, rivalry, conflict, push, mare, press for, take on, press, strain, dogfight, difference of opinion, tilt, jostle, agitate, try.

Usage examples: