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Definition of strut:

  1. A lofty proud step or walk with the head erect; affected dignity in walking.
  2. In arch., a piece of timber set slanting as a support to a beam.
  3. To walk with affected dignity.


sidle, ripple, browbeat, chasse, fluff, display, put on airs, cock, scaffold, rumple, riffle, disport, limp, cockle, ruffle, framework, swagger, frame, undulate, sashay, support, swaggie, swagman, trek, stalk, amble, prance, pace, tittup, produce, flick, foundation, exhibit, stroll, swank, buttress, flash, swash, stride, hike, stride proudly, pleat, gantry, bully, stanchion, lay out, self-love, gait, ruffle up, shuffle, wander, step, goose step, stray, walk, mess up, flounce, mix, walk with a strut, stagger, move, show off, sport, expose, unveil.

Usage examples: