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Definition of stub:

  1. The stump of a tree; anything short and thick.
  2. To grub up by the roots; to extirpate.


nubble, arse, centre, return, bump, bang, tail end, short end, heart and soul, single, ticketing, ass, trash, tail, rump, junk, buns, prat, bottom, debris, cinder, rear end, gist, butt end, kernel, fundament, tooshie, waste, dock, ember, bum, keister, leftover, hind end, cigaret, core, rear, charcoal, cigarette, ort, soot, behind, on the door, walk into, ticket, sum, ash, garbage, butt, stern, butt joint, check stub, scrap, nitty-gritty, skin, hindquarters, fanny, landfill, fumes, sold out, trip, target, inwardness, root, remainder, e-waste, pith, spark, fragment, buttocks, counterfoil, cancellation, snag, center, backside, substance, remains, end, shard, nates, essence, oddment, open ticket, meat, laughingstock, scrape, fag end, litter, tush, stooge, derriere, marrow, brand, heart, catch, crack, remnant, ruin, can, posterior, nub, smoke, seat, ticket stub, goat, coffin nail, abrade.

Usage examples: