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Definition of stud:

  1. A collection of breeding horses and mares.
  2. A knob or projecting head of a nail or button; an ornamental knob; a double- headed button removable at will; a stay; a prop.
  3. To adorn with studs or knobs; to set with projecting or prominent ornaments.


stunner, circlet, overwhelm, post, cameo, cockerel, sprinkle, litter, flange, clump, go beyond, hunk, dot, alpha male, abound, framework, lady's man, knockout, band, patterning, boy, boar, he-man, scatter, infest, contract bridge, decor, detailing, babe magnet, gantry, buck, gin rummy, foundation, framing, flock, remould, flat, hottie, anklet, clasp, break the ... barrier, billy goat, upright, canasta, costume jewelry, bald, radial, disperse, surpass, heart-throb, stud poker, macho-man, bridge, cartwheel, babe, hubcap, pontoon, cufflink, cribbage, scantling, buttress, superstud, choker, bullock, boss, stick, trim, drawstring, poker, overlay, frame, hub, brooch, dust, buckle, dog, stanchion, lady-killer, constellate, predominate, god, adornment, patience, ornament, clip, doll, beefcake, pretty boy, Adonis, button, bull, belt, lovely, grip, ladies' man, exceed, embellishment, bracelet, braces, top, cock, border, eye, inner tube, beautiful, scaffold, support, cummerbund, blackjack, eyelet, beggar-thy-neighbor, cluster, rivet, decoration, studhorse, looker, bangle.

Usage examples: