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Definition of stunner:

  1. One who, or that which, stuns.


kayo, saucer, the sublime, masterpiece, looker, good, enchantress, violator, cutie, watcher, apricot, babe, fox, peach tree, cup of tea, sweetheart, stud, dish aerial, debaucher, sex symbol, ravisher, smasher, wonderment, hunk, knockout, strike, eyeful, inspiration, belle, queen, steady, witness, yellowish pink, lulu, truelove, model, beautiful, spectator, beauty, bang, classic, smash, dream, dolly bird, dish, jaw-dropper, beaut, honey, jar, viewer, beauty queen, eye candy, bombshell, astonishment, bag, thoroughbred, hot stuff, doll, goddess, cookie, salmon pink, jolt, dish antenna, hit, lovely, sex object, mantrap, peach, dishful, sweetie.

Usage examples: