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Definition of stupor:

  1. A state of body in which sense is either wholly or partially suspended; torpor; insensibility; extreme amazement or astonishment; moral stupidity.


lethargy, slowness, fast asleep, fainting, muddle, action, out for the count, languidness, torpor, coma, swooning, impact, daze, electric shock, swoon, apathy, out cold, unconscious, perplexity, asleep, syncope, leadenness, asphyxia, jolt, bewilderedness, stupefaction, shock absorber, shock, languor, insensibility, grogginess, haze, out, obtuseness, bewilderment, listlessness, befuddlement, dulness, electrical shock, fog, puzzlement, hebetude, lassitude, semiconscious, torpor, cushion, awareness, discombobulation, stupefaction, under, sluggishness, seismic disturbance, sound asleep, comatose, semiconsciousness, blow, torpidity, jounce, lethargy, unconsciousness, stupidity, mystification, jar.

Usage examples: