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Definition of sturdy:

  1. A disease in sheep characterised by dulness and stupor.
  2. Stout; strong; hardy; bluntly obstinate; laid on with strength, as strokes.


knotty, dauntless, problematic, hardy, ruffianly, brave, solid as a rock, athletic, fast, bad, unshakable, stout, stalwart, Strong, irresistible, audacious, unyielding, hard, inured, uncompromising, unfearing, unbending, tough, cast-iron, heavy-duty, hardened, toughened, stubborn, inflexible, rigid, stouthearted, continue, resolute, problematical, intrepid, strapping, fearless, durable, burly, robust, hearty, bombproof, sure, rugged, baffling, sound, iron, red-blooded, elusive, hard-bitten, able-bodied, secure, portly, lusty, forceful.

Usage examples: