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Definition of stutter:

  1. Hesitation in speaking; the broken efforts of the voice in imperfect speech.
  2. To speak imperfectly with broken efforts of the voice; to hesitate in uttering words.


lurch, mess up, bollix up, roll/trip/slip off the tongue, enunciate, intone, stumble, bollocks, botch up, twitch, articulate, jolt, mishandle, bollocks up, jump, falter, botch, words, stammer, dance, muck up, come at, bollix, spring, flub, bungle, fumble, lunge, waver, bodge, articulation, flicker, jerk, pronunciation, pronounce, muff, spoil, screw up, ball up, louse up, blow, fluff, diction, bumble, bobble, foul up.

Usage examples: