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Definition of stylish:

  1. Showy; fashionable.


chichi, debonair, appealing, faddish, smart, exclusive, beguiling, modern, usual, cool, quaint, trendsetting, fashionable, dapper, posh, swanky, in style, happening, modernistic, a la mode, dashing, -clad, last, sharp, snappy, trig, latest, chic, clad, up to the minute, newest, rakish, swank, spruce, bespectacled, cross-dressing, spiffy, fresh, au courant, stunning, eye-catching, up-to-date, old-time, modish, lovely, delightful, in vogue, attired, swish, classy, natty, supercool, in, clothed, jaunty, captivating, all the rage, style, groovy, adorable, raffish, voguish, corseted, hip, swell, Olde Worlde, swagger, snazzy, faddy, mod, in fashion, trendy, knockout, with-it, nice-looking.

Usage examples: