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Definition of subdue:

  1. To conquer by force or superior power; to reduce under dominion; to disable from further resistance; to fame; to overcome; to soften.


have the best, master, tame, clamp down, abbreviate, domesticise, objurgate, castigate, overmatch, outmatch, get the best, get over, reduce, snuff, temper, curb, surmount, rag, frustrate, curtail, avoid, put/set someone's mind at ease/at rest, crack down, punish, blast, squelch, exceed, track, shrink, restrict, check, keep down, sweep over, cut, reassure, necrose, annul, get well, whelm, hold, skunk, trim, cross, torment, do down, besiege, scale down, come down, subjugate, mortify, prevail, thin, chastise, silence, abase, get, slim down, refine, best, oppress, worst, bring down, invade, humiliate, slap down, bottle up, cut across, foreshorten, savage, invalidate, purify, dun, discipline, crucify, seize, qualify, naturalize, cut back, outstrip, shorten, subordinate, melt off, nullify, gangrene, scale, slim, thin out, dispatch, cultivate, get across, overwhelm, conquer, boil down, overcome, quash, concentrate, trim down, stifle, mute, overbear, muffle, put down, overtake, domesticize, squash, deal with, contain, stamp down, annex, bedevil, chasten, trim back, suppress, surpass, increase, take, defeat, dominate, naturalise, lick, put someone at (their) ease, get around, upend, repress, occupy, tighten, outperform, stop, conceal, smother, sphacelate, allay, Win, get the hang, deoxidise, manage, defuse, tone down, decoct, control, cut through, keep back, inhibit, abridge, number, hold in, traverse, pass over, try, prevail against, reclaim, lose weight, outgo, dilute, storm, appropriate, cut down, command, cover, get the better of, strangle, afflict, bounce back, talk down, contract, ace, void, cricify, deoxidize, domesticate, correct, chagrin, slenderize, pillory.

Usage examples: