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Definition of subjective:

  1. Relating to the subject; derived from one's own consciousness, in distinction from external observation; in the phil. of mind, subjective denotes what is to be referred to the thinking subject, objective what belongs to the object of thought.


separate, grammatical, inbred, inhering, personal, allegedly, doubtful, speculative, fanciful, individualized, biased, alleged, conditional, prejudiced, natural, innate, popular, deterministic, private, judgmental, nonconformist, utopian, illusory, privy, deictic, discretionary, metaphysical, immanent, declarative, unique, theoretical, singular, native, indwelling, congenital, unverifiable, mental, unsubstantiated, personalized, inborn, inseparable, orthodox, idiomatic, inflected, inwrought, complex, infixed, inherent, abstract, compound, supposed, peculiar, nonobjective, seemingly, surprise, essential, apparently, unobjective, feminine, opinion, particular, anecdotal, idiosyncratic, conceptual, patented, frequentative, unfounded, indispensable, ingrained.

Usage examples: