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Definition of sublime:

  1. Elevated aloft; very high in excellence; lofty in style or sentiment; grand; majestic.
  2. The surpassing grand in nature or art, as distinguished from the beautiful; a grand or lofty style.
  3. To reduce a solid substance into a state of vapour by heat, to be again brought to a solid state by cooling; to exalt; to improve.


chivalrous, reverenced, eye-opening, marvellous, greathearted, fantastic, opulent, fabulous, towering, awe-inspiring, inflated, high-flown, stupendous, subtilize, desperate, reverend, august, great, majestic, awful, elated, deluxe, lordly, magnificent, grandiose, sublimate, sumptuous, high-sounding, idealistic, princely, heavenly, astonishing, magnanimous, howling, high-minded, wondrous, miraculous, heroic, royal, rigorous, sacred, high, extreme, staggering, distill, acute, tremendous, prodigious, imposing, marvelous, rare, exalted, purify, astounding, great, rarefied, noble-minded, lofty, grand, gilded, venerated, stately, empyrean, raised, regal, eminent, rarified, gallant, dire, ideal, rarefy, magnific, natural, terrific, amazing, soaring, luxurious, baronial, profound, surprising, serious, expansive, rattling, distinguished, grave, magisterial, severe, elevated, revered, glorious, awesome, make pure, proud, wonderful, big, good, divine, empyreal, portentous, noble.

Usage examples: