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Definition of submit:

  1. To yield or surrender to the power or will of another; to leave or refer to the judgment of another; to cease to resist; to comply; to yield without murmuring; to surrender; to yield.


have, conciliate, salt away, table, tell, march on, prorogue, bring, put up, inclose, go through, raise, curve, come under, step down, undergo, bring up, portray, gift, pack, recognize, learn, take aim, bring before, relegate, twist, harmonize, face, go on, exhibit, contain, fork up, remit, Yield, acquaint, stick in, lease, assume, accede, chisel in, incline, hold over, reconcile, evoke, leave, study, quit, stage, twine, arraign, chime in, drive, adopt, enclose, accommodate, insert, arouse, consume, lose, carry, try, bow, make up, give in, conjure up, fork over, present, call for, ask, get hold of, pass around, fill, lay out, turn, set up, convey, lay in, depict, put over, deposit, influence, posit, need, aim, set forth, interject, leave office, put off, select, instal, break in, interpret, represent, withdraw, necessitate, subject, store, guide, situate, hire, persuade, bias, cut in, state, demand, take away, pass on, interpose, abide by, suffer, demote, stack away, endure, use up, stir, precede, blink, keep to, shelve, appeal, turn in, budge, advise, get, rent, kick downstairs, invoke, crouch, require, relent, appear, install, subjugate, butt in, harmonise, turn over, hand, crook, mold, call, relinquish, progress, move on, nominate, patch up, warp, appease, occupy, be in the grip of something, bow down, pose, consider, release, contract, postpone, take in, call forth, communicate, subscribe to, fix, follow, direct, propose, show, bomb out of, adhere to, make, settle, salute, reach, resign, incur, introduce, shoot, hand over, pick out, go out, ingest, classify, give away, banish, read, proffer, roll over, pass, enter, concede, bump, put forward, look at, vacate, buckle under, resist, return, film, fold, conjure, suggest, give up, conduct, come in, involve, circulate, go down, distribute, lead, put across, hold, be in dire/desperate straits, throw in, diverge, buckle, bar, not know where/which way to turn, train, part with, be (caught/stuck) between a rock and a hard place, remove, put in, choose, take up, stash away, charter, inject, pass along, set back, acquire, take, take on, engage, fork out, translate, confront, demo, picture, postulate, call down, barge in, defer, say, render, free, generate, stoop, exact, strike, hive away, deviate, deflect, break, renounce, demonstrate, subscribe.

Usage examples: