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Definition of subordinate:

  1. Inferior in nature, rank, or importance; descending in a regular series.
  2. One who stands in rank or dignity below another; an inferior person.
  3. To place in order or rank below another; to consider of less value or importance; to make of less value.


reduce, crucify, minor-league, ruled, subdue, curb, chasten, mercenary, opposite number, subject, hooked, submissive, ally, low, adjunct, lowly, foot soldier, pendant, minor, dependent, hyponym, junior, underling, suppress, colleague, confederate, workmate, subordinate word, collateral, over, counterpart, subaltern, petty, infantryman, assistant, tame, footslogger, marcher, part, buck, lower-ranking, lower, dependant, subsidiary company, get over, junior-grade, drug-addicted, under, low-altitude, smalltime, small, repress, incidental, superior, low-level, secondary, co-worker, inhibit, proxy, deputy, less, relief, subsidiary, keep down, quash, smaller, in descending order, coadjutor, strung-out, associate, subservient, pendent, stamp down, mortify, qualified, promoter.

Usage examples: