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Definition of subscribe:

  1. To sign with one's own hand; to attest, as a document, by writing underneath; to give or contribute by writing one's own name; to promise to give a sum of money by writing one's name in a book or in a paper, called a subscription book, or a subscription paper; to assent.


involve, digest, patronage, toast, fend for, back, carry, chat, come round, stomach, deal, get hold of, strike, acquiesce, pay out, yes, pledge, signal, call for, get, take in, hook up, consider, acquire, bookmark, law, countersign, confirm, corroborate, pay, tolerate, flame, ratify, host, aim, kick in, abide, demand, finance, take on, spend, hold up, occupy, shoot, have, need, keep going, advocate, propose, read, sign on the dotted line, sign away, donate, put up, disburse, lease, accept, use up, remove, chip in, require, agree, undersign, direct, ink, fill, recommend, convey, learn, rent, give, choose, train, maintain, postulate, signature, plump for, endure, bless, pick out, look at, suffer, indorse, submit, pack, endorse, sign up, patronize, bear out, withdraw, substantiate, dial up, conduct, bear the cost/expense etc., affirm, accede, underpin, come across, salute, admit, nod, facebook, drink, guide, download, contain, consume, ingest, contract, stick out, witness, exact, engage, browse, study, make, patronise, obey, plunk for, bring, film, John Hancock, defend, support, take aim, bear, hold, sign on, brook, fund, take away, claim, necessitate, sign, second, take, stand, hire, signalise, invest in, signalize, wassail, assume, advise, consent, contribute, promise, inscribe, sustain, lead, plight, autograph, select, charter, subscribe to, back up, adopt, drive, take up, ask, assent.

Usage examples: