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Definition of subscribe to:

Synonyms for subscribe to:

fill, aim, necessitate, withdraw, be in agreement, ask, acquire, convey, need, be of like mind, choose, chime with, accept, look at, require, take up, call for, demand, make, strike, submit, support, take, hire, learn, adopt, read, concur, remove, occupy, lease, be as one, train, claim, select, hold, carry, contract, rent, sign, take on, take in, assume, have, charter, take aim, bring, subscribe, contain, pledge, pick out, film, involve, postulate, take away, agree, lead, conduct, use up, study, consume, pack, see eye to eye (with someone), consider, exact, get, ingest, admit, guide, shoot, go along with, direct, get hold of, deal, engage, drive.