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Definition of subscriber line:

  1. A measure of length; one twelfth of an inch.


descent, course, agate line, ancestry, bloodline, argumentation, telephone wire, strain, phone line, credit line, contrast, assembly line, short letter, argument, telegraph wire, pedigree, telephone line, parentage, line of descent, telephone circuit, production line, job, line, melodic phrase, furrow, line of products, telegraph line, stemma, line of credit, communication channel, blood line, origin, bank line, melodic line, rail line, note, blood, line of business, logical argument, line of reasoning, transmission line, channel, personal credit line, air, product line, business, pipeline, railway line, crease, demarcation, melody, line of work, seam, lineage, tune, business line, occupation, cable, wrinkle, stock, personal line of credit, crinkle, dividing line, billet, line of merchandise.