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Definition of subside:

  1. To sink or fall to the bottom; to settle; to fall into a state of quiet; to become tranquil; to abate.


dash, collapse, wane, determine, cave in, steady down, cast up, conciliate, go down, ensconce, ratchet also rachet, square off, come in, lapse, decide, minify, slump, finalise, slack off, taper off, locate, finalize, root, get back, burst, catch, fall in, break, crest, down, rise, deepen, descend, topple, dip, shift, reduce, bury, settle, relent, drop down, take root, reconcile, remit, off, tumble, nail down, fall down, fall, die, drop, come down, phase down, fall away, patch up, crater, resolve, give way, mitigate, de-escalate, fall off, ease, lessen, pass, slacken, pall, sink, go under, bate, slide down, make up, ebb, course, channel, moderate, adjudicate, increase, square up, decline, taper, let up.

Usage examples: