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Definition of substance:

  1. The essence or material of a thing; the main part; that which really exists; body; something real or solid; goods; wealth; means of living.


tenor, ticker, means, nubble, centerfield, controlled substance, item, nucleus, bone marrow, nerve, being, point, eye, burden, pump, subject, Matter, mental object, opulence, affectionateness, aim, kernel, nerve center, shopping centre, mall, amount of money, be, nature, way, subject-matter, texture, objectivity, reality, effect, summation, wherewithal, drift, content, stub, verity, tenderness, shopping mall, substantially, capital, agency, surface, midpoint, import, tendency, sidelight, individual, veracity, actuality, amount, essentially, crack, union, Class A drug, gist, thrust, quintessence, inwardness, agent, aggregate, raw material, nub, angel dust, soul, marrow, warmheartedness, existent, philia, warmness, cognitive content, spirit, the gospel truth, essentiality, totality, being, cocaine, shopping center, basis, fortune, wax, starting point, timber, join, purport, centre of attention, centre, vegetable marrow, perfume, fact, concentrate, charlie, signification, the honest truth, heart, mettle, conventional/received/traditional wisdom, person, powder, essence, bosom, plaza, spunk, coke, pith, assets, fondness, heart and soul, integer, point of order, nitty-gritty, matter, side issue, core group, sum, marrow squash, materiality, contentedness, center, riches, snapper, sum of money, capacity, gravamen, cannabis, nerve centre, total, contention, sticking point, internality, actually, message, intent, center of attention, center field, magnetic core, meaning, solid, root, animal, middle, individuality, quiddity, worth, focus, significance, meat, truth, affection, commodity, sum total, depicted object, acid, medium, core, anabolic steroid.

Usage examples: