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Definition of substantiate:

  1. To establish by proof or competent evidence; to make good; to verify.


keep, objectify, understand, incorporate, buttress, make, affirm, realize, justify, epitomize, patronage, bolster, sanction, make/prove your/a point, abide, indorse, endorse, stand, realise, settle, bear, incarnate, bear out, plunk for, patronise, underpin, swan, be, nourish, clear, reinforce, ratify, strengthen, defend, digest, keep up, bring in, materialize, personalize, body forth, support, externalize, maintain, take in, assert, plump for, prolong, have, back up, recognize, stick out, warrant, sustain, fix, tolerate, get, evidence, keep going, exteriorize, instantiate, brook, personify, recognise, suffer, confirm, hold up, earn, gain, true, reassert, actualize, hold, see, pull in, embody, corroborate, put up, aver, agnise, agnize, complete, body, argue, back, shore, stomach, nurture, patronize, subscribe, uphold, avow, point to, substitute, vindicate, show, vouch for, actualise, fend for, swear, express, endure.

Usage examples: