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Definition of substitute:

  1. One put to occupy the place or position of another; one who acts for another; a deputy.
  2. To put in the place of another; to change; to exchange.


false, replenishment, alleviation, fireman, make way (for), metamorphose, pinch hitter, man-made, renewal, make out, sub, all-American, second-string, standby, reservation, succeed, cognate, sculptural relief, interfere, complete, substitutive, supercede, makeshift, comforter, imitative, qualify, transfigure, step in, rest, alternating, pretend, center forward, bogus, taciturnity, intervene, simulated, ballplayer, artificial, embossment, back, reserve, apparatchik, shift, ancillary, vary, breadwinner, transform, succour, start, substitution, musical accompaniment, backfield, desk person, catchword, buzzword, patronage, relievo, faux, tack, center, diversify, veer, flip-flop, reticence, arrive, interpose, duty officer, enter, unreal, modify, modesty, relief, support, allayer, relieve, fill out, renew, club, put back, collocate, second-stringer, ministration, turn, assuagement, permutation, alter, backup man, bench, transposition, captain, fake, ersatz, attach, call up, easement, argot, connective, backing, mimic, rest period, convert, accompaniment, shade, mock, sham, military reserve, blue, commuter, utility, supervene upon, pinch-hit, succor, cowboy, switch over, antonym, championship, career woman, break into, computer backup, replacing, moderation, deputise, commissioner, rilievo, conference, give way, metaphor, stockpile, ease, backlog, back formation, derivation, respite, boy, secondary, depute, captaincy, interchange, draft, refilling, synthetic, reliever, designated hitter, transpose, successor, easing, relief pitcher, transmute, flip, factitious, supply, draft in, land, contraction, counterchange, join.

Usage examples: