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Definition of substructure:

  1. Same as Substruction.


human foot, nates, bit, bottom, invertebrate foot, derriere, bag, founding, hind end, seat, foot, prat, ground, framework, foundation garment, ft, segment, unit, infantry, alkali, foundation, base of operations, introduction, pedestal, tooshie, metrical foot, cornerstone, basis, theme, arse, metrical unit, rear end, base, can, institution, joist, support, groundwork, rear, radical, understructure, portion, behind, infrastructure, origination, initiation, part, subdivision, piece, rafter, tush, tail, al-Qa'ida, stand, animal foot, bum, stem, scaffold, keister, section, root word, pes, stern, al-Qaeda, home, rump, buttress, gantry, hindquarters, root, posterior, ass, tail end, buns, instauration, nucleotide, fundament, detail, radix, fanny, al-Qaida, stanchion, floor, creation, frame, butt, buttocks, grounding, backside, innovation.

Usage examples: