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Definition of subtlety:

  1. Artfulness; slyness; cunning. Note.- The spellings subtile and subtle, in the senses of the preceding two entries, were indifferently employed by good writers of former times. The modern practice is to restrict the senses to the spellings as in the text. In the Eng. Ch. service, and formerly in the works of good authors, where the spellings subtile, subtilty, & c., occur in the derived senses of " sly, cunning, over- refining," & c., the pronunciation is.


slyness, rightness, character, feature, elaboration, shadiness, component, specter, purification, shadowiness, civilisation, appeal, subtleness, nicety, glitz, glamor, property, aspect, tad, artifice, facet, politeness, charm, magnetism, civilization, innuendo, craft, tint, niceness, allure, polish, peculiarity, nature, refining, spectre, good looks, guilefulness, elegance, tone, lure, nuance, caginess, cultivation, charisma, spook, ghost, refinement, delicacy, wraith, finish, justness, quality, factor, cunningness, distinction, shade, tincture, sneakiness, culture.

Usage examples: