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Definition of subvert:

  1. To overthrow; to ruin utterly; to destroy.


lessen, de-escalate, extinguish, mar, deflower, buy, countercheck, let down, impair, revolutionise, alloy, overthrow, cast down, desecrate, help, abrogate, weaken, stamp out, destabilize, misguide, land, end, exterminate, defeat, throw down, obliterate, get down, dispirit, invert, counteract, repeal, vacate, dismay, damp, bring down, neutralize, violate, step down, turn over, twist around, lead astray, tumble, sully, catch, abase, countermand, degrade, antagonise, supersede, warp, bowl over, skew, soften, take down, annihilate, suppress, deteriorate, supersede, blacklist, inflict, lift, debauch, reduce, invalidate, reverse, depress, set aside, grease one's palms, put down, debase, pack a punch, corrupt, demolish, cut back, defect, stir, capsize, void, deprave, outrage, demonstrate, trim down, nullify, vitiate, override, countervail, pervert, topple, profane, revolutionize, boycott, unhorse, lower, ruin, sabotage, counterbalance, ruin, antagonize, cheapen, cave, attack, tip over, undermine, lead to, trim, taint, misdirect, convolute, grip, pull down, misaddress, mislead, overturn, overthrow, give, demean, tumble, load, terminate, rescind, defile, trim back, supplant, abate, visit, extirpate, dampen, poison, abuse, cloud, bastardize, abolish, dilute, cut down, tump over, upset, topple, level, dislodge, decide, knock over, prostitute, misuse, stretch, sophisticate, cut, demoralize, canker, destroy, prohibit, agitate, twist, overturn, break, overrule, eradicate, extinguish, chase, spoil, countermine, demoralise, color, remove, deject, annul, revoke, adulterate, bribe, influence, impose, foment.

Usage examples: