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Definition of succeed:

  1. To follow or come after; to take the place which another has left; to obtain the object desired; to have the desired effect; to prosper.


imitate, thrive, make good, effect, attain, gain, come together, fill in, trip up, stick with, keep an eye on, reduce, come after, get ahead, time, deliver the goods, play along, slip up, espouse, go after, make it, get, wrest, break through, go over, win the day, acquire, travel along, supplant, err, go, change, make headway, Follow, gain ground, postdate, go far, score, crown, give up, supervene, miss, copy, follow, keep up, top, carry out, ensue, recover, capture, accompany, bring off, enter, comply, contrive (to), win, gain, trace, watch over, pull ahead, realize, carry off, pan out, manage, outmaneuver, fall out, flourish, hit the jackpot, carry (a point), profit, surveil, let down, prevail, work out, start, survey, obtain, give way, fall short, take after, worst, reach, come through, substitute, prosper, surmount difficulty, rise, outdistance, come, replace, benefit, abide by, be a roaring success, attain, pull through, precede, heed, go off, thrive, manage (to), come off, make way (for), work, advance, observe, provide, conform to, put through, deliver, secure (a point), secure, bring home the bacon, stand in, renew, break into, get on, keep abreast, win, prosper, stumble, outwit, be able to do something, join, avail, retrieve, attach, blunder, be, mess up, attend, land, distance, displace, triumph, practise, fail, foul up, adopt, pull off, survive, get through, reap, obey, supersede, accomplish, swap, possess, achieve, suppress, stick to, pull round, arrive, relieve, arrive at, win out, be/get there, receive, watch, click, come after.

Usage examples: