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Definition of succumb:

  1. To sink under; to submit; to yield.


soften, crack, conk, get, have, crack up, give up, come down with, yield, resist, render, fold, peg out, give, move over, wobble, darken, kick off, flatline, sink, step out, return, croak, buckle under, suffer, generate, give way, grant, lose/give up hope, pay, give in, contract, exit, blink, health, budge, afford, despair, collapse, concede, break, say/wave/kiss goodbye to something, give out, develop, demise, catch, invade, bear, knuckle under, give up on, cave in, buckle, lose heart, relent, ease up, check out, accede, pop off, kick in, conk out, go, drop, quit, go down with, live, afflict.

Usage examples: