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Definition of suffering:

  1. The bearing of pain or loss; injury incurred.
  2. Undergoing pain or loss; permitting.


scurvy, pitiable, crucifixion, ugly, unworthy, poor, pathetic, wo, happy, crisis, slimy, vile, distraint, deplorable, excruciation, miserable, troubled, piteous, woeful, hell, scathe, ordeal, low, worst-case scenario, woefulness, woe, scummy, stress, paroxysm, misfortunate, hapless, tragedy, battle, wretched, despicable, wretchedness, measly, detriment, damage, quagmire, low-down, trouble, unhappy, hurt, trauma, twinge, distress, paltry, harm, execrable, abject, difficulty, worthless, pitiful, agony, study at distress, nightmare.

Usage examples: