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Definition of sugar:

  1. A genus of plants embracing several species and varieties differing much in appearance and qualities: such as the common cabbage ( B. oleracea), broccoli, cauliflowers, etc.; the wild turnip ( B. campestris); the common turnip ( B. rapa); the rape or coleseed ( B. napus), etc.


net income, choc-ice, boodle, corn sugar, starting line, c., kale, cole, saccharify, maltose, malt sugar, ice lolly, bread, bowlful, scraping, lollipop, wampum, earnings, sweeten, candy, agar, heal, mate, Christmas pudding, bro, bud, lucre, peag, sister, extract, calm, chicken feed, chlorophyll, cellulose, simoleons, beet sugar, profit, saccharose, essential oil, pillage, bake, bowl, fruit sugar, dextrose, scrape, plunder, maple sugar, babe, ameliorate, start, palliate, wampumpeag, bite, cacography, alkaloid, grape sugar, saccharide, brown sugar, curare, gelt, clams, profits, stops, gild, mark, take the sting out of something, scribble, chocolate, borecole, invert sugar, like, kail, moolah, beat, chou, scratch, dough, popsicle, lactose, dirty money, levulose, milk sugar, colewort, banana split, scrawl, bed, blanch, blend, loot, caramel, net profit, scar, refined sugar, can, crumb, cane sugar, mitigate, dinero, carbohydrate, slit, soften the blow/impact/effect, fructose, cake, dent, booty, butter, batch, prick, breadstuff, bone, incision, essence, net, carve, cultivated cabbage, lettuce, pardner, balsam, staff of life, butcher, cabbage, scratch line, honey, butchery, baby, lolly, pelf, apple pie, chill, consumption, angelica, belladonna, prize, carob, abrasion, swag, sugarcoat, my man, scratching, kiss away, shekels, excoriation, make amends.

Usage examples: