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Definition of sugary:

  1. Sweetened with sugar; resembling or containing sugar.


artificial, mushy, false, honied, hollow, lovey-dovey, flowery, mawkish, sappy, drippy, ingratiatory, sweetened, sweet, pretentious, floury, chocolate-box, chocolate, slushy, affected, buttery, chalky, studied, syrupy, maudlin, fishy, soupy, sticky, gamey, sugarcoated, granular, insincere, unctuous, cheesy, forced, wet, honeylike, schmaltzy, chocolatey, sentimental, sugar-coated, spoony, gooey, ingratiating, sugared, fruity, taste, pain, honeyed, novelettish, soppy, insinuating, saccharine, disingenuous, candied, sloppy.

Usage examples: