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Definition of suggest:

  1. To offer to the mind or thoughts; to hint or refer to; to intimate or mention in the first instance.


signify, assert, advance, make/prove your/a point, kick up, refresh someone's memory, bring/call someone/something to mind, raise, show, bring up, provoke, stir, validate, say, pose, call forth, vouch for, kindle, apprize, connote, offer, educe, bring back, extract, give notice, set forth, savor, support, put before, infer, point to, hint, put forth, put forward, recall, send word, trigger, Hint, awake, vote, confirm, come to, fire, conjure, float, betoken, designate, jog someone's memory, advise, aim, propose, adumbrate, submit, elicit, bounce, intend, denote, declare oneself, remind, draw out, rede, smack, conjure up, propound, arouse, meaning, indicate, point, project, proffer, purport, bespeak, adumbrate, taste, prove, smell, apprise, flood back, pop the question, certify, signal, mention, argue, cohere, record, mean, paint a picture, fall into place, advert, toss out, purpose, enkindle, nominate, invoke, evoke, call down.

Usage examples: