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Definition of suggestion:

  1. The control of the mind of an hypnotic subject by ideas in the mind of the hypnotizer.


whiff, demonstration, breath, mite, insinuation, lead, complex, offer, inkling, overture, vestige, plan, innuendo, tinge, glimmer, evidence, implication, illustration, symptom, litmus test, reminder, fixated, tincture, allusion, the color of someone's money, pinch, scheme, preview, proffer, intimation, delusion, defense, trace, fixation, bit, omen, tang, nomination, soupcon, outline, mark, hypnotism, tip-off, proposition, proof, jot, exorcism, advance, ghost, promise, charge, bid, injunction, touch, opinion, wind, sign, defense mechanism, idea, mesmerism, confidential information, approach, shadow, conditioning, hint, suspicion, prompting, tender, submission, flicker, signal, damage, steer, catharsis, tracing, proposal, taste, foretaste, smoking gun, speck, presentation, indication.

Usage examples: