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Definition of suit:

  1. A number of things used together, as a suit of clothes; a petition, prayer, or request; courtship; an action at law.
  2. To agree together, as things made on a common plan; to fit; to adapt; to please; to make content; to agree or correspond; to match or tally.


solicitation, adapt, Fit, character, befit, fount, live up to, who asked you?, slip, crusade, eccentric, beachwear, jibe, feel/look like a million dollars/bucks, subject, breadwinner, drive, group, supplication, accessory, lodge, hold, correspond, instance, display case, diamond, court, equip, reconcile, house of cards, beckon, tone, font, ancillary, prayer, caseful, type, adjuration, court-martial, causal agent, suppliance, go, series, courting, courtship, conjuration, pillow slip, reason, beseem, typeface, case, black, ace, tally, black tie, match up, become, dissent, pleading, get, baggies, oblige, auxiliary, class action, effort, why should I?, measure up, lend itself to something, vitrine, proceeding, do you mind?, uniform, check, start legal proceedings, be/look a picture, initiate a case, suite, jack, cause, grounds, heart, coordinates, coordinate, accommodate, get lost, shine, movement, be someone's type, face, apparatchik, turn, face card, grammatical case, conciliate, come up to, speak for itself, typesetter's case, commuter, agree, designated hitter, deuce, guinea pig, casing, committal, compositor's case, career woman, wooing, cowboy, causa, event, lovemaking, club, sue, cry, casuals, card, deck, lawsuit, fit in with, livery, suit of clothes, civvies, example, combats, qualify, meet, desire, set, gibe, dating, campaign, shell, match, conform to, catch someone's fancy, causal agency, admit, showcase, duty officer, trial, desk person, cut a fine/ridiculous etc. figure, sheath, pillowcase, fit out.

Usage examples: