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Definition of suite:

  1. A set of apartments; a body of attendants or followers.


accommodation, cadence, collection, set, servant, byproduct, breakbeat, knot, bachelor apartment, cortege, assembler, furnishings, bedsit, parcel, accommodations, tail, cluster, staff, flourish, scale, train, add-on, lineup, duplex, client, flat-pack, architecture, muster, posse, end product, descant, bunch, bank, battery, rooms, constellation, passel, lodgings, unit, excerpt, a stick of furniture, order, diggings, compiler, accompaniment, coda, line, batch, movable, package, series, band, grouping, bootstrap program, brand leader, brand name, computer program, arpeggio, array, furniture, derivative, bachelor pad, retinue, generation, condo, commodity, clutch, applet, bot, sequence, counterpoint, brand, clot, entourage, browser, assembler, lot, following, assemblage, block, clump, crescendo, condominium, digs, faculty, huddle.

Usage examples: