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Definition of sulky:

  1. Fitfully sullen; sour in temper; morose.


inert, dull, blue, pouting, pouty, glooming, drear, slow, upset, irritable, low, severe, dingy, crabbed, sad, subdued, unhappy, dreary, sluggish, angry, gruff, belligerent, dogged, put out, snappish, huffish, ill-humored, fed up, drab, downcast, dismal, irritated, torpid, ill-natured, crusty, bleak, down in the mouth, depressed, churlish, displeased, down, mad, wistful, sorrowful, low-spirited, mopey, miserable, downhearted, dispirited, disconsolate, acrimonious, sorry, soggy, gloomful, homesick, splenetic, annoyed.

Usage examples: