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Definition of sum:

  1. That which two or more numbers, quantities, or particulars form when added or placed together; the amount or whole of anything; the total; a quantity of money; the substance; an abridgment; height.
  2. To collect or add into one whole, as particulars or several numbers; to bring into a small compass; to compute; to condense.


append, amount, shopping mall, marriage, hit, inwardness, vegetable marrow, impart, breviary, apex, capsule, change, burden, perfume, centerfield, unification, internality, bosom, articulation, warmness, means, binomial, marrow, mating, matrimony, congeries, match, bull's-eye, epitome, peak, decimal place, abstract, supply, crown, snapper, nucleus, sexual union, ne plus ultra, nubble, conspectus, center of attention, high tide, center field, union, grand total, centerpiece, make sense, nerve center, heart and soul, point, core group, net, nitty-gritty, gist, run-through, midpoint, pith, pinnacle, sum up, gibe, tot up, capstone, trade union, magnetic core, bone marrow, rundown, meaning, centre, add, add together, junction, recap, essence, nubbin, bounty, summarization, trades union, marrow squash, coupling, meat, totality, appropriation, acme, countdown, message, keynote, content, pairing, culmination, philia, tally, subject matter, summarize, nub, brotherhood, plaza, summate, heart, effect, come, mall, agree, total, contribute, crescendo, addition, abacus, wedlock, outline, pivot, apogee, bankroll, stub, fondness, bottom line, summa, summarise, integrality, high-water mark, spunk, tenderness, affectionateness, bestow, conglutination, correspond, summit, affection, center, chalk up, zenith, top, summation, nerve, spirit, bond, add up, conjugation, summing up, recapitulation, mettle, core, bailout, brief, précis, computational, sum of money, synopsis, deviation, plus, tot, roundup, ticker, average, joint, head, eye, jibe, jointure, uniting, aggregate, meridian, climax, noon, juncture, shopping centre, wrap-up, fit, centre of attention, lend, amount of money, labor union, rack up, running total, substance, blood money, tip-top, middle, spousal relationship, tote up, join, warmheartedness, kernel, root, noontime, encapsulation, resume, conglomeration, cash flow, crest, pump, meat and potatoes, bring, sum total, shopping center, aggregation, high noon, nerve centre, the sum total.

Usage examples: