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Definition of summit:

  1. The highest point; the top; utmost elevation.


lift, aggrandisement, breast, realization, upside, upper side, round top, tip, front, the fruit/fruits of something, appointment, aggrandizement, cairn, raising, pate, colloquium, bakshis, ne plus ultra, backsheesh, audience, teetotum, noontime, eyeshade, bakshish, high tide, extremum, stature, crag, peak, tip-top, baksheesh, high noon, wind, gratuity, capstone, cover, noon, tallness, circus tent, a feather in your cap, top side, apogee, handiwork, conquest, annual meeting, prime, sum, briefing, escarpment, point, big top, the brow, accomplishment, lead, elevation, head, efflorescence, conclave, tiptop, AGM, attainment, spinning top, heyday, superlative, pinnacle, audioconferencing, meridian, treetop, whirligig, bill, acme, feat, top, blossom, altitude, pourboire, brae, vizor, achievement, jacket crown, crownwork, line of longitude, mountain, jacket, high-water mark, crown, diadem, consummation, steer, poll, crescendo, hint, superlative degree, flush, vertex, visor, summit meeting, brink, bloom, natural elevation, crest, top of the inning, pennant, height, flower, confidential information, divide.

Usage examples: