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Definition of summon:

  1. To call by authority to appear at a place specified; to give notice to appear in court; to cite.


affect, beg, arise, tantalise, call for, razz, come, bob up, rag, call down, scrape, convoke, insist on something, cod, ring, orchestrate, accuse, twit, implore, bring up, draw up, cite, mention, entreat, ask for, bait, mobilise, impeach, beckon, line up, conjure up, muster up, plan, send for, go up, command, indict, charge, appear, recall, Call, order up, put, get, dream up, uprise, advert, bring before, tease, arraign, come up, organize, signal, arrange, order, impact, ask, mobilize, enjoin, quote, motion, call, prosecute, draft, rouse, call away, conjure, hail, call up, reference, bring out, allow, claim, assemble, rebound, tantalize, find, take effect, fix, drum up, invoke, convene, go on, make a difference, rise up, finalize, gather, affirm, rally, ascend, scrape up, surface, come on, insist, shape, sign, summons, name, scratch, refer, circulate, get hold, beat up, bring, adduce, censure, ride, abduce, move up, get up, map out, rise, muster, interact, come into play, taunt, lift, subpoena, call in, think ahead, marshal, direct.

Usage examples: