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Definition of supercilious:

  1. Expressing lofty pride by raising the eyebrows; haughty; arrogant; overbearing.


huffish, insulting, rejoicing, dictatorial, haughty, triumphal, self-assertive, uppish, pompous, authoritarian, overweening, grand, sneering, chesty, overbearing, assumptive, self-asserting, swashbuckling, prideful, presumptuous, peremptory, study at proud, assumptive, high-hat, self-satisfied, lofty, important, swaggering, uppity, high-and-mighty, snide, exulting, scornful, huffy, vain, conceited, self-opinionated, cavalier, contemptuous, exultant, proud, triumphant, egotistic, stiff-necked, immodest, bumptious, patronizing, disdainful, uncomplimentary, toplofty, jubilant, imperious, superior, pretentious, sniffy, august, egocentric, highfalutin, arrogant, presuming, masterful, lordly, high-handed.

Usage examples: