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Definition of superficial:

  1. Being on the surface or exterior part; not penetrating beneath the surface; pert. to surfaces; showy; without substance; not deep or profound; shallow; more showy than real, as acquirements in any branch of knowledge.


warped, lilliputian, corner, back, piffling, slipshod, picayune, aspect, hasty, dilettante, incomplete, styling, ostensible, external, bump, casual, partial, like a bull in a china shop, insignificant, bottom, desultory, apex, outstanding, unimportant, facile, apparent, cosmetic, remiss, niggling, brim, unenlightened, fiddling, outward, lackadaisical, cast, base, undone, perfunctory, skin-deep, light-touch, little, externals, glib, effect, pending, face, trivial, dilettanteish, ignorant, footling, abortive, looking, complacent, untrustworthy, shallow, sketchy, look, exterior, piddling, edge, summary, sounding, one-dimensional, careless, complacency, seeming, dilettantish, petty, narrow-minded, bevel, short-sighted, purblind, unfinished, confines, prejudiced, surface, appearance, under/in the guise of.

Usage examples: