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Definition of superiority:

  1. Quality of being more advanced, higher, or more excellent in certain respects than another; pre- eminency; ascendency.


paramountcy, favorable position, distinction, pretense, bumptiousness, greatness, high horse, pretension, transcendency, egotism, pompousness, superbness, primeness, toploftiness, superciliousness, loftiness, hauteur, pomposity, choiceness, awesomeness, dazzle, impressiveness, high quality, haughtiness, condescension, lordliness, excellency, assumption, transcendence, conceit, preponderancy, self-consequence, magnificence, infallibility, narcissism, arrogance, presumptuousness, first-rateness, self-importance, vanity, pride, masterfulness, huffiness, consequence, imperiousness, snobbery, favourable position, noteworthiness, peremptoriness, prestigiousness, pretentiousness.

Usage examples: