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Definition of superlative:

  1. A word in the superlative degree.
  2. Surpassing all others; most eminent; in gram., expressing the highest degree in the quality of adjectives or adverbs.


great, groovy, corking, tiptop, supernal, unsurpassed, radical, participle, peak, tallness, first-class, jim-dandy, exceptional, phat, dynamite, borrowing, immense, natural elevation, best, past participle, Americanism, catch-all, dandy, effusive, bully, wonderful, aggrandisement, efflorescence, top-of-the-line, peachy keen, greatest, meridian, high-class, tremendous, vizor, raising, gilt-edged, awesome, capital, chant, cool, aggrandizement, first-string, gradable, extra, whirligig, frontline, clue, crown, spinning top, swell, fantabulous, summit meeting, anglicism, top of the inning, brag, gone, first-rate, boffo, slick, comparative, bill, adjective, acrostic, five-star, bumper, marvelous, tip-top, flush, extremum, highest, exaggerated, wonder, line of longitude, upper side, blue-chip, mean, prizewinning, heavenly, par excellence, pinnacle, quality, Arabism, hype, famous, summit, hot, teetotum, banner, round top, wizard, visor, predicative, present participle, boss, fantastic, peachy, altitude, top-shelf, cracking, neat, numero uno, bloom, primo, down, inflated, circus tent, fabulous, nifty, cover, superlative degree, superb, A1, number one, eyeshade, upside, blossom, terrific, bonny, decent, stature, brave, flower, crackerjack, sensational, bang-up, blue-ribbon, lovely, fab, keen, good, prize, stellar, top-notch, height, crest, incredible, top-flight, four-star, noble, anagram, superior, big top, acme, tip, archaism, heyday, beautiful, preeminent, out-of-sight, A-OK, divine, point, elevation, vertex, attributive, sterling, gangbusters, top side, apex, righteous, lift, top, dope, adj., the superlative, topping, grand, adjectival.

Usage examples: