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Definition of supernatural:

  1. Exceeding the powers or laws of nature; miraculous.


transcendent, mythical, unfathomable, wizardly, phenomenal, elfin, fabulous, holy, transmundane, superhuman, blessed, divine, nonnatural, ghostly, mysterious, otherworldly, occult, heavenly, impenetrable, the black arts, plain, magical, celestial, talismanic, secret, fey, common, mythological, unknown, supernormal, alchemy, extrasensory perception, unintelligible, ESP, marvellous, magic, apparitional, miraculous, eldritch, godly, legendary, wizard, obscure, necromantic, unearthly, misty, Halloween, inscrutable, enchanted, miraculous, weird, sorcerous, paranormal, marvelous, godlike, sacred, mystic, spectral, hidden, spiritual, transcendental, enchantment, invisible, uncanny, ghostlike, abracadabra, preternatural, black magic, witching, almighty, natural, witchlike, occult arts, incomprehensible, dark, metaphysical, preternatural, phantasmal, curse, charming.

Usage examples: