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Definition of supine:

  1. In L. gram., a case of the infinitive mood ending in um and u- probably so called because, though having substantive- case endings, it throws itself back, as it were, on the verb; a verbal noun.
  2. Lying on the back, or with face upwards; careless; thoughtless; negligent; inattentive; indolent.
  3. Lying on the back.


frightened, indifferent, languid, Idle, listless, panic-stricken, fearful, startled, alarmed, flat, scared, intimidated, prostrate, petrified, face downward, (with) your heart in your mouth, unerect, recumbent, resupine, sprawled, lying, resistless, prone, passive, afraid, inactive, horizontal, irresistible, unresisting, spreadeagled.

Usage examples: