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Definition of supple:

  1. Easily bent; flexible; compliant; not obstinate; flattering or fawning.
  2. To make pliant or flexible; to grow soft or pliant.


quick, refined, slim, alert, thin, expeditious, officious, graceful, sprightly, vigorous, active, gentle, slender, soft, svelte, lithesome, diligent, limber, bouncy, energetic, bustling, flexile, busy, flexible, ready, prompt, industrious, stretchable, slight, feline, lissome, stretch, lively, study at flexible, dainty, fluent, agile, nimble, fluid, smooth, balletic, bendy, rubberlike, spry, polished, sylphlike, yielding, whippy, lithe, lissom, pliable, mobile, urbane, rubbery, wide awake, brisk, restless, rubber.

Usage examples: