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Definition of supply:

  1. To supply with anything necessary, useful, or appropriate; to provide; to equip; to fit out, or fit up; to adorn; as, to furnish a family with provisions; to furnish one with arms for defense; to furnish a Cable; to furnish the mind with ideas; to furnish one with knowledge or principles; to furnish an expedition or enterprise, a room or a house.


put out, add on, communicate, equip, amount, allowance, tag on, render, hang on, equipment, satisfy, add together, priority, tack on, show, core, bring home the bacon, reservoir, allow for, basis, try, run, generate, bring out, picture, fork up, tot, staple, issue, turn in, bring, make out, block, interpret, confer, egress, return, translate, cut, capacity, accumulation, affix, cater to, stock, resource, tack, total, concern, distribution, sum up, budget, handover, hoard, publish, cater, inventory, fork over, element, write out, groceries, quantity, tally, leave, provision, ply, burning issue/question, release, allocation, batch, cede, presentation, arrange, supplying, come out, add up, supplement, feature, balance, number, proviso, force, put up, come up with, preparation, planning, append, fork out, essence, tot up, summate, emerge, pool, tote up, hand over, arithmetic, backlog, provide, key, come forth, repertoire, add, yield, sum, furnish, go forth, depict, allotment.

Usage examples: